Web Opt-in page

This page provides a working example of a web opt-in form for use with JangoMail. You can view the page source and see the HTML form elements. CSS is used to manage the coloring/layout of the sign-up form. The top image is taken from the JangoMail home page to give the impression of being on a website.

JangoMail web opt-in form example
Email Address

What happens when you click the “Subscribe to my list button:”

1 – your email address (and name info if entered) is added to my list named Listserv
2 – you are redirected to a “thank you” landing page, and you can use any page you’d like
3 – because you are added to my list, you will receive an email generated by an autoresponder for my list
4 – when you open the follow-up email, you can click the unsubscribe link (don’t worry, there
isn’t a real newsletter you’ll be receiving)
5 – if you open the follow-up autoresponder message, you will receive one more message, which
is based on using a trigger (the open event triggers a message)

Note: The layout of the form can be however you’d like with respect to the order of the fields, number of fields, coloring, and size. Additionally, if you want to change the landing page, just update the form within your JangoMail account (go to the URL & Settings tab for the opt-in form).