Please see the following articles regarding the use of PHP:

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Here is a simple example of sending a message, including the use of the CC mail option:


$client = new SoapClient('');
$parameters = array
'Username' => (string) 'your JangoSMTP username',
'Password' => (string) 'your JangoSMTP password',
'FromEmail' => (string) '',
'FromName' => (string) 'the_from_name_you_want',
'ToEmailAddress' => (string) '',
'Subject' => (string) 'Transactional Subject',
'MessagePlain' => (string) 'Transactional Plain (plain text)',
'MessageHTML' => (string) '<b>Transactional HTML and whatever else your message contains</b> (html)',
'Options' => (string) ',OpenTrack=True,ClickTrack=True'

$response = $client->SendTransactionalEmail($parameters);
echo "Message(s) sent!";
catch(SoapFault $e)
echo $client->__getLastRequest();