Smart Templates

JangoMail offers more than 160 templates – free of charge – that you can use for creating your message. The templates provide rich visual content that can help to make your message stand out.

Most of the templates are available via a partnership with Template Zone and its High Impact eMail 5 application.

The selection JangoMail offers to its users is found under the “With a JangoMail Smart Template” option when creating a new message.

The templates fall into the following categories:

  • Feature templates include designs for promoting sales and bringing attention to one or more products.
  • Greetings include designs to say “Welcome,” “Thank You,” “You’re Invited,” and more.
  • Holiday templates provide you with designs to celebrate the holidays.
  • Mobile templates are specially designed to be easy to read on a smartphone.
  • Newsletter templates include space for a lot of text in the form of one, two, or more columns.
  • Responsive templates adjust based on the email client that a recipient is using.
  • RSS to Email is for turning blogs into a nice looking email.
  • Simple templates are basic designs from JangoMail’s original selection.
  • Recent templates include the last 20 templates that you used.

Each template has controls where you can view it in a popup window, mark it as a favorite, and select it to start a new message. Once you select a template, you are taken to the New Message and the template is displayed in the HTML editor.

The sections in the template are self-explanatory: replace text and images where indicated, and add hyperlinked text where suggested.

If you see a template you like and need help with modifying it to suit your needs, contact Support and we’ll be glad to assist you.