Delivery Optimization

Here are some steps you can take to improve deliverability (i.e., help us help you get your messages into the inbox).

If you have control over your domain, then three items you can use are a domain key, an SPF record that includes, and a custom tracking domain (particularly if click tracking is of interest to you). These items are very easy to implement.

We strongly encourage you to use your own domain name in your FROM address when sending through JangoMail/JangoSMTP. The SPF record and domain key apply to *each* FROM address domain you use. If you send using and, then you need an SPF record/domain key for the news subdomain, and for the top level domain. The custom tracking domain only needs to be at the top level/parent domain.

Options for your FROM address
Setting up a custom tracking domain
Using an SPF record
Using a domain key

One BIG note – all of these items help, and help a lot, but none of these (or all of them combined) is a guarantee your message will go to a recipient’s inbox. The image below shows Microsoft having their own problems – sent by them to my hotmail address, and the message went to my junk folder.