How to unsubscribe addresses by using a list

Let’s say you’re starting to use email campaigns, and you are being given multiple lists from various sources. Most of the lists are for current/active recipients, but you’re told that one of the list is “special” – the person giving you the list says that these are the people who have asked to be unsubscribed/unlisted. For example, it’s an office of insurance agents, each of whom has his or her own list of addresses, and it is the office manager who has the list of unsubs. You could also refer to this special list as a suppression list.

Or, recipients have replied directly to you with a request to unlist.

Or, you currently have an account with JangoMail and for whatever reason, parts of the account need to be split out into a new account and you want to keep track of the current unsubscribed addresses.

In all of these cases, there is a simple way to perform a “mass unsubscribe” – which is going to be much faster than manually unsubbing numerous addresses one at a time.

The first thing you need is a basic list containing only the email addresses that need to be unsubscribed. If you have the list of addresses (typically a csv file), just create a list in your account and import the members. See Upload a list, but in this case, all you have is the emailaddress column.

If you are copying/transferring existing unsubs in a JangoMail account, go to Reports, click the link for “Unsubscribed Addr” and download the unsubs as a report. In the csv file you receive, delete all columns except for emailaddress, and then upload the list as just described.

Now that the unsub list is a list in your account, use List Tools to unsubscribe all members of a list.

JangoMail will take all of the addresses in your uploaded unsub list and add them to your account’s Unsubscribed Addresses list.