RSS feed

Let’s say you have a blog and you want to send an email campaign/alert to list members whenever a new post is made. JangoMail allows you to automatically send an email campaign to list members based on a new post (or, you can have a daily message sent as opposed to a message for every post).

What do you need to make this work?

First, you need a list uploaded to your JangoMail account. This list is just like any other list in terms of how you create it and import members into it. You can send to multiple lists, segments of a list, and if you have a web database, you can use that as well.

Second, you need a message template that contains some RSS-related personalization variables. The message can/will contain some RSS-related variables which are placeholders for RSS content. These RSS variables are just like regular JangoMail personalization variables.

In the picture below, note the %%rss_whatever%% variables, such as rss_title, rss_author, rss_content, and rss_url.

You can create your own message, or start with the template JangoMail provides. The template is available under the JangoMail Smart Templates option when creating a new message.

Third, you need to create a blog, or you can use an existing one. You’ll also need to obtain the RSS feed URL so that can be entered into your JangoMail’s account settings. The example below is from Blogger.

How to get a Blogger account

Fourth, find the feed URL for your blog (in case you didn’t see or find this when creating the blog in step 3). JangoMail supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom. Your URL is one of the following:

This URL, plus the frequency setting (upon every post, or just once a day) is entered into your account Settings under Sending & Receiving > RSS Feeds. You will also need to know the name or ID of the campaign template.

Clicking the edit icon (to create this, click the “Add RSS Feed” button, example below shows the filled in details via the edit operation):

The blog with a post on it:

What the delivered email looks like:

JangoMail blog article