Event API

JangoMail has an Event API feature that allows customers to have their own custom URL called when specific events occur within our system. The events we report on include:

  • Send
  • Open
  • Click
  • Bounce
  • Unsubscribe
  • Complaint
  • Block

Please see our tutorial here.

The zip file here contains a create table SQL file and 7 php files (one for each event type, the names are self explanatory) you can use as a starting point. The sendAPI.php file contains an example of the URL call JangoMail sends to the server (all of the examples use all of the options for each event type).

This example is based on using a MySQL database at jangodemo.com (via HostMonster) where the event tables (prefix of JangoPush) were created within that database.


The php files are in the public_html folder of the website.