Copying a list

If you are uploading many lists and the list field/column names are the same from list to list, make a template version of your list and then copy it to use for a new list.

Let’s say my lists always include the following fields:

  • emailaddress
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • address
  • city

Instead of constantly having to create a new list, add the additional 4 fields and then rename them, create an empty list (or you can use an existing one that works for you) with the fields of interest.

When it’s time to upload a new list with these fields, just copy the template list to create a new list, rename the list, and upload your file.

This process also works if your new list has a few more fields in it compared to the template list. Copy the template list and just add the extra fields you need for the new list.

Here is what makes this tip the most efficient:

  • all lists have the same number of fields,
  • the fields are named the same,
  • the field order is the same, and
  • the data file you’re uploading starts with the emailaddress field.

You can always add/delete fields, rename them, and if the order is not the same, take care of that during the file upload (when you tell JangoMail the order of the fields in your list).

Here is a step-by-step example.

1. In the Lists section of the user interface, create a new list. Name the list with something that stands out as a template (in terms of being able to identify the list later for you and other users who access your account).

2. Edit the list and go to the Fields tab.

3. Add as many fields as needed. Don’t worry about the names yet.

4. What the list looks like before renaming the newly added fields.

5. Pick a field and click the pencil icon to edit the field. In this example, I’m renaming NewField to FirstName. Click Save and return to the fields page.

5. Continue the renaming process until done. This is what the fields look like for *my* list when all done (using the field names mentioned at the beginning):

6. Once you are back in Lists, click the copy icon to create a new list.

7. The new list will start with a name of the old list, with “(Copy)” appended to the name. Rename the list as needed. Just copy the fields, no data in involved here.

8. Back in Lists, select the new list and start your data import.