Download a list

Now that you’ve uploaded a list, it’s time (for whatever reason) to download it!

Why would you want to download a list? You could be transferring data to a new system, such as going from a list-based data source to a database repository, or you need to provide the recipient data to other departments within your company, and so on.

Downloading a list is pretty simple, but there are some things to consider along the way. Within your list (which is actually a database table in your account), there are fields we use that aren’t going to apply to anyone else outside of JangoMail. When you receive the CSV file for your list, you can safely remove those columns.

What your list looks like in the user interface:

Start the Export process via the List toolbar:

Enter an address for where you want the email notification about the list being ready to be sent. The address defaults to the email manager address, but you can enter any address you’d like:

Click the link in the message you receive, and the file will download to your computer:

What the list looks like when it is downloaded and you’re using Excel to read the CSV file:

You can delete the email_id, uniqueident, confirmed, and MemberID columns. The email_id column is just the position within the list, the uniqueident and MemberID columns are our internal representation of the record, and the confirmed column is related to whether or not the list was created in the beginning as an opt-in list.