Sending checklist

What are the steps to actually send a JangoMail mass email campaign? The steps below summarize the most common tasks that need to be performed. JangoMail has many options/features related to sending, but assuming you have images, a list, and need to compose an HTML message, the steps here provide a reference for everything you need to get going.

1. If you have any images you want displayed in your message, upload those into your account (in the Files section).

2. Upload your list (or lists), or create a connection to a local database/web database.

3. Create your HTML content – upload it or use our TinyMCE HTML editor (or other HTML editors available in the user interface).

4. While creating a new message, these buttons are visible at the bottom of the new message page:

Once you are finished making all of your edits and are ready to send, select that last version of your message via the “Copy this message to start a new campaign” icon.

5. Check the FROM address and the FROM address display name. Use your own domain as your FROM address domain.

6. Check other settings such as scheduling, throttling, settings, and tracking.

7. When ready to send, click the green Send button. You have an opportunity to stop/pause the campaign in case you made a mistake or need to change/add something. The first opportunity to stop the send is shown here:

If you selected Yes, you can pause the campaign: