Getting started

The biggest question of all time here at JangoMail – how do you get started? You’ve created your account, clicked the activation link, logged in to your account, and are ready to start using JangoMail. What do you do now?

Think of the process as if it were a set of building blocks. You know that overall you want to include images in your message and send that message to a list. So, the first block is to upload your images (“Files” in the user interface). You can host your images with us for free, or you can host them anywhere on the Internet – just as long as the image is publicly accessible.

Why does the image need to be publicly accessible? If you use a path of C:\Users\<your name>\some_image_name.jpg, only you can see that image. Your recipients cannot see what is on your computer, or looked at another way, a recipient would have to have an identical path on his computer, to include also having an image with that exact name. Not likely, right?

The next block: Upload your list or use a data source.

Compose your message using one of our HTML editors, or use something outside of JangoMail. If you use Word to compose your message, and you save that Word file as an mht or mhtml file, it will contain lots of extraneous HTML code that we don’t or won’t use. Some spam checkers can flag your message as spam because of “coding sloppy HTML.” You want as clean of a message as possible when it comes to HTML. Don’t forget to include a plain text version of your message as well.

But wait, I’m in the “I have no idea what to make my message look like” department. No problem! Try using one of our pre-made templates.

Send the message to yourself (or your co-workers, whomever it is that gives the final okay on the look and layout of your message). You can send the message as a preview, or you can send it as a “real” campaign, even if to just yourself.

When the message is ready go, select the final version of that message in the Messages section and click the icon to copy the message to start a new campaign. Add your list (or lists) to the campaign, review/edit other message settings, and click Send. You will have an opportunity to cancel the operation (just in case there is a mistake or your forgot something). Once sent, you can go to Reports, open the Broadcast message dashboard, and view the results (opens, clicks, etc.).

Here is a sending checklist/summary of steps to get going.